Late 20's...early 30's....EVERYONE is having BABIES!!! So for all you crafty ladies(and gents) out there, I thought I'd share my favorite 'go-to' baby gift. It's simple, gender neutral, works up quickly...and everyone LOVES it!
The blanket is a basic granny sqare...just keep going to make it blanket size. I like to use two neutrals and a pop of color, mint/teal is are my favorites. I've also used coral, and yellow as my pop. 

....and the hat...isn't it freaking ADORABLE! I wish I could take credit for this pattern, but it belongs to Sarah. I've made it a few times, and keep going back to it! It's perfect for those first baby photos! 

I'm going to be honest, the first time I saw the messy bun beanie, I wasn't in love. I originally made my first one, because I didn't think it was fair for so many people to be charging for a pattern of a hat (there are millions of free patterns out there) with a hole in it! So I made my own pattern and shared it for free. 
Today I was going through my yarn stash and was inspired to give it another go, and I'm a little bit in LOVE with my new puff stitch messy bun hat!

Want to make one for yourself?
Check out the pattern below!

Materials used: 5.75mm crochet hook, and various bits and pieces of yarns. The brands I used are Vanna's Choice, RedHeart SuperSaver, RedHeart With Love, and Carron Simply Soft
Stitches: Ch (chain), hdc (half double crochet), sc(single crochet), dc3tog(doube crochet 3 together)
Brim: They hat brim is the same basic pattern as my original messy bun beanie pattern. I made it a bit wider, and started with a chain of 7. 
Chain 7, turn.
Row 1: Hdc in second chain from hook and in each stitch across (6). Chain 1, turn.
Row 2-39: hdc in each stitch across (6). Chain 1, turn.
Your work should be around 20 inches long. Slip stitch the short sides together to for the brim of the hat then turn your work to begin the hat body. I never cut my yarn here. Chain 1 after you slip stitch and then begin the next step!

Hat Body: Row 1: Sc 1 in the end of the first row, 2 in the next. Continue around. (56)
Row 2: (New color for each row) Join in any sc, ch 2 and dc2tog in same stitch, ch 1. (Skip next stitch, dc3tog, ch 1) repeat around. Join. You will have 28 stitch clusters.
Row 3-5: Join in any ch 1 space, ch 2 and dc2tog in same space, ch 1. (dc3tog, ch 1) repeat around in each ch space. Join.  You will have 28 stitch clusters.
Row 6: Join in any ch 1 space, ch 2 and dc2tog in same space, ch 1. (dc3tog, ch 1)x 3.  
*(dc6tog over the next 2 spaces, ch 1.  (dc3tog, chain 1)x 7. repeat from * dc6tog over next 2 spaces. (dc3tog, ch1)x4. join (25 stitch clusters)
Row 7: Join in any ch 1 space, ch 2 and dc2tog in same space, ch 1. [dc6tog over next 2 spaces, chn 1 (dc3tog, ch 1)x3]x3. (dc3tog,ch1)x2 (20 stitch clusters)
Row 8: Join in any ch 1 space, ch 2 and dc2tog in same space, ch 1. dc6tog over the next 2 spaces, ch 1. [dc6tog over next 2 spaces, chn 1 (dc3tog, ch 1)x2]x4 (15 stitch clusters)
Row 9: Join in any ch 1 space, ch 2 and dc2tog in same space, ch 1. (dc6tog over next 2 spaces,ch 1, dc3tog, ch1)x4. dc6tog over next 2 ch spaces, ch1, join. (10 stitch clusters)
Row 10: Join final color, ch1. hdc in each ch space and stitch cluster around, join. (18)
Tie off, weave in ends. enjoy! 

When your Sister-in-law insists she only wants socks for, you are not just getting socks, you also get a handmade penguin coffee cup cozy! 

To make the cozy, I made a starting chain the juuuust fit around the cup, joined and then hdc in rounds until in looked right :) 

Here is the Penguin Pattern! Thanks Google ;)

I hope she likes it!
Oh....and just one more :)
First of all...why didn't I think of this? I seriously have the most giant messy bun...EVER. There are a lot of patterns going around... and a lot that you have to pay for...sad face.

So... I decided to come up with my own and share it with you!

I used Vanna's Choice by Lion Brand and my 6 mm crochet hook. 


Stitches: Ch(chain), sc (single crochet), hdc (half double crochet, dc (double crochet), dc2tog (double crochet 2 together)

Hat Brim: Ch 7, 
Row 1: hdc in second chain from hook and in remaining 5 chains. Chain 1, turn.
Rows 2-33: hdc in first stitch and each across, (6 hdcs), chain 1 and turn. (Depending on how big you would like to make your hat, you can add rows here! 33 is what worked for my head using the yarn I was using)

Slip stitch short sides together and turn work sideways, remainder of hat will be worked in rounds.

Hat Body: You will be starting with a circle, just choose a side and work around the edge. I just continue on from slip stitching the sides of my hat brim together. 
Row 1:  *make 1 sc in the end of first row, make 2 sc in end of second row* repeat around and join
Row 2: Chain 2 (work in back loops for this row only) dc in same stitch and each stitch around and join
Row 3-5: Chain 2 dc in same stitch and each stitch around, join (If you are using a less fluffy yarn or making a larger hat, you can add more rows in addition to the 3-5. It shouldn't make much difference in the decreases in the following rows :))

Row 6: chain 2, *dc2tog, dc in next 10 stitches* repeat around, join
Row 7: Chain 2, *dc2tog, dc in next 3 stitches* repeat around, join
Row 8: Chain 2, *dc2tog, dc in next 2 stitches* repeat around, join
Row 9: Chain 2, *dc2tog, dc in next stitch* repeat around, join
Row 10: Chain 2 *dc2tog* around join (if you have one stitch left at the end, just dc one to complete your round and join, Fasten and weave in your ends! 

Something to consider when making hats, yarns come in different sizes, and so does everyone's head. So don't worry about counting every stitch and making it perfect. If you have a thicker yarn that requires a larger won't need as many rows in your brim and vice versa if you have a small yarn requiring a smaller hook, you'll probably need more rows!

Feel free to share!