This summer, we decided to take Ellie to Disney World. She was a little over 2 and a half years old, and completely in love with everything Disney. We did get the usual, "but she's not old enough to remember" comments. But as a mom, the only chance I got to see my 2 year old react to Disney World...was to take her when she was a 2 year old. 

Needless to say, we had a blast a Disney. Ellie LOVED it.... except for one part. And I tried to get over it, but she HATED the princesses. She was absolutely terrified. The very first attraction we did was Enchanted Tales with Belle (super adorable). She decided then, no more princesses. 

I should not have been the least bit surprised. Seeing Santa last year was a complete disaster, don't even think we made it into the building. 

Despite all of these things, I made an appointment this year to have professional pictures with Santa. I asked Ellie if she wanted to talk to Santa and showed her a picture, she asked, "is it just a pretend Santa?"
Not knowing what she was going for here, I answered, "he looks like a real man." Thankfully that sufficed

I am so glad, I made that appointment! Ellie LOVED Santa!!! And the pictures turned out AMAZING! ... but as far as Disney goes... I NEED A REDO! 
Here is a sneak peak of our Santa photos, by MistyKettingerPhotograpy! 
More to come closer to the holiday! 


Children often love to play in the disney world or in the play world as there are many varieties of play stations. Christmas is a festival of happiness and its good to go out with family and spend time. I must say you have a cute daughter and I really love her smile.

03/20/2017 6:54am

I can see that Ellie had fun on your visit to Disney World! Look at her smile as if she was giggling because of too much joy. I also dreamed of visiting the place one day. Of course, I would like to visit it with my family first. I bet we will enjoy everything about the place. My sisters and I, we considered ourselves and Disney babies, you see. We love to watch Disney movies. I am really happy for your Ellie. I believe that she will remember this as one of the great experiences she had.

01/26/2017 1:45am

Your daughter is so cute. When I was a kid, I also dreamed to go to Disney World. I think Disney World is the happiest place for kids. Disney World is also perfect for the young at heart. I hope I can go there too.

09/19/2017 3:03pm

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