Alright you all....I just had the biggest cookie decorating revelation EVER.

I've always had a love hate relationship with decorating cut out cookies. I get really excited about the idea, and have a perfect cookie image in my head... and then 3 cookies in, my idea never turns out quite how I imagined, my kitchen is a mess... and there are still 50 cookies left to decorate. 

So today, I was down to my final 12 cookies. They were turning out okay, but not even close to my best, and NOWHERE close to how adorable I imagined, and then I had the greatest idea EVER.

I'm a little ashamed of myself for not thinking of it earlier...especially given my profession of a pediatric nurse, but the best thing I've ever found to decorate my cookies....a SYRINGE! We have an entire drawer full of them, they come in the box of children's tylenol/motrin/benedryl/allergy medicine. I'm sure can purchase them alone as well! 

Hope this helps make your cookie decorating more enjoyable! I just wish I would have realized before my final cookies....



01/10/2017 2:26am

Cookie decorating? What an enjoyable process! I will definitely try it.

02/07/2017 11:25pm

Wow. This is amazing. I love cookies. Now I also love decorating cookies. I am excited to make one. I am also craving for it right now. I hope I could also make a wonderful decorated cookie of my own. Thanks for letting us see this one.

07/03/2017 1:44am

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