When your Sister-in-law insists she only wants socks for Christmas....no, you are not just getting socks, you also get a handmade penguin coffee cup cozy! 

To make the cozy, I made a starting chain the juuuust fit around the cup, joined and then hdc in rounds until in looked right :) 

Here is the Penguin Pattern! Thanks Google ;)

I hope she likes it!
Oh....and just one more :)


01/23/2017 9:44am

Very nice effort cute penguin pattern and lovely second one...its a lovely way to express importance of others with hand made products and i must say you can do much more.

02/08/2017 9:20pm

This Christmas gift is so cute. I love how you personalized those cup blankets. I am in love with do it yourself and customized things. I must say that you have the talent in knitting.

04/16/2017 10:23pm

Last minute Christmas gifts is so tough, can't think quick of something that the person will like to have. I always experience a hard time giving presents to people who are important to me because I don't know the things they are into sometimes. I like what you did, I enjoy to knit things because it's unique and it is very appreciated because you put effort to make one in just a short period of time. I wanted to attempt making one because my grandma used to make blankets. I love the penguin design cup holder, it's so cunning. Thank you for sharing this with us.

08/07/2017 5:32am

I miss last Christmas. It is the time when every one of us is complete and having fun. December is fastly coming. It is already August and December is just 4 months away. I can't wait to shop for the holidays! Reading this post reminds me of Christmas!

04/09/2017 7:31pm

I also want to receive a gift like his. A knitted cup holder that is a penguin is very adorable. This is very perfect, especially if you are the type of person that loves drinking coffees. This is really cozy to use. I hope somebody is going to give me a stuff that is handmade by them.

06/03/2017 2:54am

Great post, just what i was looking for and i am looking forward to reading your other posts soon!


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